Michael Hendrix

Michael Hendrix Music

Welcome to my page.

Music has been a source of joy and pleasure for me since I was a young child. I am happy to have the opportunity to share some of my music with you.

My background is rather eclectic and I have traveled in a variety of musical settings. My focus, for many years, has been in the area of classical guitar. I have tried to bring a sense of "musical legitimacy" to the compositions and arrangements that I have created always keeping in mind as the objective, the perpetuation of written music.

I hope you will enjoy my music.

Latest sheet music
Packington's Pound
Classical / Instrumental
Theme with Variations on Come with Me My Giselle
Seventeen Candles
Classical / Instrumental
The Little Princess
Classical / Instrumental
Classical / Instrumental
Scarborough Fair
Classical / Instrumental
Invention in C Major
Classical / Instrumental
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Classical / Instrumental
Sonata in A Major, K431, L83
Classical / Sonata
Classical / Etude